Obesity the Symptom
Obesity the Symptom

Obesity the Symptom: How the Community Pharmacist can help stop the biochemical chaos

No one wants to be obese. No one wants to be overweight. Yet 78% of us fall into these categories. What is going on? The answer is complex— way more complex than “we just eat too much.” This webinar begins the discussion on how to understand and alter the biochemical drivers to the appropriate body response of storing fat.

Obesity is the symptom of the body adapting and adjusting to its current culture and environment. With our unique and extensive training, community pharmacists are perfectly positioned to understand and help.? Medications, genetics, culture? How can we help our patients? How can we help ourselves?

This webinar will begin to breakdown the pieces of this complex puzzle and give you immediate ways to stop the biochemical chaos.

Speaker: Kathy Campbell, PharmD, Owner, Medicap Pharmacy, Owasso, Oklahoma

Learning Objectives

1. Examine the role of cortisol and insulin in obesity.

2. List commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals that can contribute to obesity.

3. Analyze two mechanisms for nutrient deficiency.

CE Information

1.75 contact hours (0.175 CEUs)
Release date: May 10, 2019
Expiration date: May 10, 2022
Activity-type: Application-based

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