NCPA Employee Policy and Procedures Wizard v5.0
NCPA Employee Policy and Procedures Wizard v5.0
The National Community Pharmacists Association has made it convenient and easy to customize an Employee Manual for your pharmacy operation. The NCPA Employee Manual 5.0 Flash Drive provides the content - select one or more editable suggestions or use an empty text box to get the wording just right. It's up to you to decide what fits your business and what does not. Store policies must be clearly written to outline expectations for company and staff behavior and customer service. Likewise, procedures detail standard pharmacy operations, your instructions for routine work. These can be created by you and incorporated into your pharmacy's policies and procedures manual. If you have multiple stores and/or many employees, it may be helpful to purchase a policies and procedures wizard like the NCPA Employee Manual Wizard 5.0 which allows you to write one Employee Manual but customize sections for the nuances of each store. The NCPA Employee Manual Wizard 5.0 INCLUDES Medicare Part D Fraud, Waste, & Abuse content you are able to create customized Medicare Part D Fraud, Waste & Abuse compliance policies and procedures from which to train your employees - documentation for training certification included!
It's easy to start your Employee Manual. Simply pop in the flash drive, select which procedures fit your pharmacy operations and save up to 50 hours of valuable time preparing your policies and procedures.-
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