RX Check-Up (TM)
RX Check-Up (TM)


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RX Check-Up (TM) is a "bumper-to-bumper complete inspection of your entire Pharmacy Operation, and RX Check-Up (TM) is completely customizable. When doing an RX Check-Up(TM), our expert Pharmacy Consultants utilize best practices and proprietary information to compare your Pharmacy Operation to the best standards in the industry. An RX Check-Up(TM) will evaluate your facility, employees, technology, workflow, inventory, wages, employee utilization, layout and design, computer software, inventory control. marketing, regulatory compliance, general operations and much more.

Our experts provide you with a comprehensive report detailing where your Pharacy needs help and guiding you on the best way to implement those needed changes. The PRS Pharmacy performance evaluation gives written recommendations laying out suggested changes that you can make immediately.

In this report, we point out problems that we see with your operations that are impeding your Pharmacys success and also describe the changes that need to be implemented in order to correct these problems. The report also describes the benefits those changes will have on the Pharmacy, both financially and operationally. RX Check-Up(TM) is the most comprehensive service of its kind in the industry.

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